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T&D Corporation is proud to release the temperature and humidity data logger TR-71nw/72nw: a new LAN-based data logger for cloud storage. In addition to the existing wireless LAN model TR-71wf/72wf, we added the wired-LAN model with the same basic features to offer a choice of network connection methods. 

By using T&D WebStorage Service*1, a cloud service provided by T&D free of charge, it is possible to access stored data from your PC and mobile devices anytime from anywhere. Simply connect the data logger to the Internet with a LAN cable, and it automatically*2 starts uploading recorded data to T&D WebStorage Service, thus providing a remote access solution without the need for manual intervention.

*1: Internet access via LAN is required to access T&D WebStorage Service.
*2: In the LAN environment where DHCP can be used.




·      Automatic Upload of Recorded Data to T&D WebStorage Service via Wired LAN

·      Temp/Humidity Alarm Mail Transmission from T&D WebStorage Service

·      Direct Data Download via USB

·      Temperature and Humidity Measurement in a Wider Range with Greater Accuracy (TR-72nw-H)

·      Battery Operation for up to 1.5 years with one AA Alkaline Battery

·      Automatic Upload of Recorded Data to PC




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